Becky Mason

In Woman We Love: Becky Mason and the Tradition of Canoeing, Becky responds to a question about “essential things” to bring on a canoe trip with words very much in tune with recent messages from the OCA:

Bring confidence, a respect for the land and love for all things on it. The confidence comes from preparedness and skills. Research a detailed route for the trip with an easily escape plan, select the minimum of good quality equipment to make you comfortable in all weather and know your skills and plan a trip according to them.

With this in mind, we’re delighted to announce Canada’s “first lady of wooden canoes” is capping her 2016 European Tour with the Open Canoe Association’s 60th Anniversary “Canoefest” at Ross-on-Wye!

At Canoefest Becky will be delivering solo and tandem workshops celebrating classic approaches to handling canoes… doubtless interspersed with many great insights into her art, environmental work and film-making.