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Programme for Canoefest 2016

From the Canoefest 2016 base at Ross Rowing Club, participants can jump into boats and explore the Wye. If you’re prepared to shuttle one way, the journey down from Hereford is around 22 miles. The other classic from Ross-on-Wye is through Symonds Yat to Monmouth. We trust lots of our Members will be taking advantage […]

Becky Mason’s Classic Solo and Tandem Workshops

Becky Mason

The OCA Canoefest weekend will conclude yet another European Tour for classic canoe guru Becky Mason. As elsewhere on her tour, Becky will offer workshops¬†on classic basic solo skills and classic advanced solo strokes plus half-day workshops in essential classic tandem skills, classic tandem manoeuvres canoeing. For more idea of what to expect see The […]